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Dental crowns serve as artificial teeth. Dental crowns are used for patients who have lost a lot of tooth substance, teeth we want to look more attractive,with  bridges and implants.  we choose the best and most suitable dental crowns for our patients’ teeth. We use metal fused porcelain, zirconium, or emax crowns depending on the financial status of the patient and their condition. Our specialist  offers the best dental crowns at competitive prices and affordable costs to our customers in Antalya, Istanbul, Turkey. We provide excellent treatment results for full mouth dental crowns as well as in the application of several teeth in Antalya and Istanbul , Turkey.

What are dental crowns?

A crown covers your natural tooth. Crowns are used to improve the appearance of broken or decayed, crooked teeth.

The natural tooth must be filled or extracted  so that the crown may be placed. Dental crowns look natural and are strong. They can last a lifetime.

You can achieve your dream smile with different types of dental crowns, including porcelain, ceramics, zirconia and metal fused porcelain

Dental Crowns Types We Used

There are many different types and materials of dental crowns. Both glass ceramic and substructure-supported crowns are available. In our dental clinic, we use all types dental crowns.

  • Zirconium Crowns
  • Emax Crowns
  • Metal Supported Porcelain Crowns

Zirconium Teeth

In our clinic, located in Antalya in Turkey, zirconium porcelain crowns are used the most. There is a common misconception amongst patients. Patients mistakenly believe that zirconium porcelain is a porcelain version of zirconium. Zirconium, however, is not porcelain.

In today’s technology there are porcelains that have been compressed and reinforced. Full ceramics are what they’re called. Full ceramics can be used in both single tooth and bridge treatments due to their zirconium support. The bridge should not be too long.

Full ceramic crowns offer a superior aesthetic experience. Full ceramic crowns are inferior to zirconium or metal-supported crowns in terms of durability. In Antalya, Turkey, we choose the dental crowns that we will use based on the needs of our patients as well as the condition of their tooth. In Turkey, we apply zirconia crowns on the front and back teeth in a highly aesthetic smile. This provides maximum satisfaction for our patients.

We also use zirconium after  dental implants to make bridge treatments in Turkey. In dental bridge Turkey treatment, we decide on the crown treatment based on the length of the bridge.

So Why Do Full Ceramic Dental Crowns Look More Aesthetic?

This is because of the light transmission. The more light that passes through porcelain, the more natural it looks. As light passes through our teeth, it is reflected. A shadow is not formed.

The light transmission of metal-supported dental porcelain and zirconium dental crowns is different. Zirconia crowns, due to their cost and aesthetic benefits, are more popular.

Advantages of Zirconia Crown:

  • It transmits more light than porcelains fused metal. This creates a more natural-looking image.
  • These are the strongest dental crowns. This ensures maximum durability and aesthetics.
  • Zirconium has a high biocompatibility with the human body. There is no allergy in the body.
  • If our patients take care of their dental and oral health, they can enjoy the benefits of zirconium crowns for many years.

Emax Crowns

In Turkey, Emax crowns are the most widely used dental crowns. We do this because our patients expect us to deliver the best aesthetic result. We recommend zirconia and emax dental caps to our patients who request treatment. We decide on the type of dental crown based on the wishes, the financial situation, and the state of the teeth.

Zirconium crowns are preferred if the teeth show too much deformation or have a lot of caries. If our patient only wants dental crowns for aesthetic reasons and their teeth are in good condition, we can create emax dental Crowns in Antalya, Turkey.

The full ceramic emax crowns are entirely made of ceramic. We do not use any other infrastructure material to apply these crowns. There are several types of dental crowns made from full-ceramic material.

How Do We Apply Emax Dental Crowns?

We use emax ceramic crowns in Turkey with a smaller reduction than zirconium. The teeth are reduced by cutting all around them again. We have less opportunities to cut when we apply emax crowns because there is no substructure support. Full ceramic crowns can cover a greater tooth surface. This increases the durability of emax Crowns.

There is one very important difference between zirconium and emax crowns. To ensure that full ceramic emax crowns are applied correctly, it is important to create a step at the surface of the teeth. So, the full ceramic crowns will fit well on the teeth. This is an important matter. The strength of emax crowns is less than that of zirconium

There is no wedge or opening where the tooth is located due to the strength and durability of zirconium in stepless cut. If we use a full-ceramic porcelain, it will not be able to withstand the forces and may break. In full ceramic porcelain cutting the crowns should fit the step and transfer the biting force onto the step. Our experienced and well-equipped doctor achieves very positive results when treating emax crowns in Turkey.

Advantages of Emax Crowns:

This is the most aesthetic treatment for dental crowns.

The light transmittance level is maximum. Emax crowns mimic the appearance of natural teeth the most.

Metal Supported Porcelain

Metal-supported crowns are extremely durable. SoracaMed Clinic  Turkey prefers it for the long bridge treatment on posterior teeth. This region requires a high level of endurance. We use metal-supported crowns in Turkey more frequently due to their durability when used in long bridge applications.

This decision is also influenced by the financial power and preferences of the patient. If the patient’s financial strength is sufficient, then we can also use zirconia crowns for our posterior crowns and bridges treatments in our clinics in Antalya, Turkey and Istanbul, Turkey.

Metal-supported crowns have a slightly inferior aesthetic appeal compared to other dental crowns. In Turkey, we use zirconia or emax crowns for anterior teeth restorations. Metal-supported crowns have a matte finish because they contain metal. The light transmission is therefore less. Zirconia and Emax dental crowns, however, have a higher light transmittance as well as aesthetic benefits. We recommend zirconia and emax dental crowns as anterior aesthetic dental restorations in Turkey.

In crown tooth treatments, it is important that the crown appears like a real tooth. If this is done in the best possible way, metal-supported crowns can provide a very natural and aesthetic result. Our prosthodontist specialists in this field can offer our All patients the most natural, aesthetic and successful results for all dental crowns.

Advantages of Metal Supported Porcelain:

These are more durable.

The cost of the product is lower.

Long bridge treatments are made easier with these.

Disadvantages of Metal Supported Porcelains:

People with metal allergies should not use it.

The light transmittance of their lenses is lower.

The aesthetics of anterior teeth restorations can be difficult.

5 Reasons why go to Turkey for dental crowns?

The reason why you should go to Turkey for your treatment is the great experience you will have. SoracaMed  clinics in Turkey offer high-quality results for an affordable price and an enjoyable trip combined with your treatment.

1) Cost

Dental crowns are much cheaper in Turkey than they are in other European countries or the USA. The exchange rate and government policies which support medical tourism are responsible for such affordable prices.

2) Service of the highest level

Our world-class services will make you feel at home, even if you are in Turkey for dental treatment. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

3) There is no waiting

You don’t need to wait long for dental crowns in Turkey. Get your dream smile quickly.

4) All inclusive packages

We know that planning a medical procedure overseas can be stressful. All-inclusive package deals take away the stress and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Choose from a variety of packages that suit your needs.

5) Tourism

Turkey has a rich culture, and its beautiful natural surroundings make it a wonderful destination for tourists. While you’re here getting your dental crowns, you can take a vacation

What is the cost of dental crowns in Turkey?

The cost of dental crowns in Turkey varies according to the patient’s choice of dental crowns. Of course, there are differences in prices for dental crowns between dental clinics in Turkey . However these differences vary according to the expertise of the physicians, the quality of the materials used, and the pros and cons of the clinics’ expenses. As SoracaMed Clinic Antalya,we provide best dental crowns service to our patients at competitive prices in Turkey.

The average cost of zirconium dental crowns per tooth in Turkey

Price per tooth / € 140-225

Average Cost of Emax Dental Crowns Per Tooth in Turkey

Price per tooth / €190-270

Average Cost of Metal Supported Porcelain Crowns

Per Tooth in Turkey

Price per tooth / €100-150

Dental Crowns in Turkey Antalya and Istanbul

We are one of the most reputable dental clinic in Turkey, Antalya and ıstanbul  and can provide excellent results for dental crowns as well as all other dental treatments. We are able to make a difference with all dental procedures performed in Turkey thanks to our state-of-the art equipment and high-quality materials. We decide before our treatment  inwhich dental crowns will be applied to our patients based on their expectations and the state of their teeth. There is no way to achieve aesthetic results using only full  crowns, It is important to note that the most important factor here is the skill and experience of the doctor.

Full Set of Dental Crowns in Turkey

We apply dental caps in Antalya, Turkey for both full mouth treatments and for missing teeth. In Turkey, our full set of dental Crowns can include 24-28 teeth. Our patients can also choose 20 tooth full-set dental crowns.

In Turkey, we can provide full mouth dental crowns to our patients who want a more aesthetic look for their teeth. We also prefer it when there are multiple tooth defects, such as when there is a large number of teeth with damaged structure or material loss. All teeth look natural and harmonious with a full set of dental crowns. Our patients love it.

We offer our patients a hotel service or extra accommodation when we install a full set of dental crowns. This accommodation fee is therefore included in the total price of our treatment. We also provide VIP transfers between the airport, hotel, and clinic. We offer this service for all treatments. We offer VIP treatment in Antalya, Turkey for all treatments. This includes full-set oral crowns. Our patients can come to our clinic and receive treatment in comfort, then return to their hotel.

What is the cost of a full mouth of dental crowns in Turkey?

The cost of full set mouth dental crowns treatments in our clinic in Antalya, Turkey , varies according to the type of dental crown. Therefore, the type of dental crowns we use determines the cost of dental crowns in Turkey. We use metal-supported, zirconium and emax dental crowns in Turkey.

What is the difference between crowns and veneers?

In Turkey, the popularity of crowns and dental veneer treatments is equal. Both treatments improve the appearance, but they are different in their application.

Veneers are thin layers that cover only the front teeth.

Crowns, on the other hand cover the whole tooth and have a more substantial structure.

Veneers are only able to fix minor issues and discoloration. Crowns are a better option if your problem is more than just a chipped or cracked tooth.

FAQs About Dental Crowns

How long do crowns last in Turkey?

Dental crowns have a long lifespan. Dental crowns, when properly cared for, can last up to 20 year. Dental crowns have an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

I have a tooth missing. Can I get full veneers/ crowns?

A Dental Bridge can be created by a Dentist if you have several missing teeth in the same row, and you have one tooth on either side of the gap. The Bridge is attached to each tooth on either side of the gap. This is a permanent solution that can be easily maintained with daily brushing. The gap will close and the teeth will look like individual teeth. Please contact us if you’d like to see some examples. We can send you many before and after pictures.

Are Dental Crowns a Good Idea?

Dental crowns have a long lifespan. Patients can use their teeth for many years. Dentures that have lost their substance are ideal candidates for dental crowns. Delaying treatment can lead to the loss of a tooth. The life of the teeth can be prolonged with dental crowns. Dental crowns are a good option for patients.

Why is there black material under my crown?

Only metal-supported crowns can be seen to have this. The porcelain crown is affixed to the metal support in metal-supported crowns. In terms of appearance, this can result in a darker color towards the bottom. Can crowns fall off.
It is possible to break dental crowns and fall due to impact and falling. This is due to external causes. There are problems with the crown and teeth. Dental crowns can fall out due to mistakes made during the application or issues with the natural tooth underneath. You can ask your doctor to replace a crown if you have such issues.

Why is My Tooth Brown Under My Crown ?

There is decay underneath the crown if there are brown spots or gray patches around the crown. The situation could have occurred for a variety of reasons. Regular clinic visits will help to avoid such situations. Your doctor can easily tell if there are any problems with the crowns. The tooth will last longer.

How Do You Clean Under a Crown?

Regular brushing and flossing can help our patients prevent plaque buildup. When flossing, pass the floss through the gums and move it around. Plaque around the crown is easily avoided by using this technique in conjunction with regular brushing.

How Do I Know If My  Crown is Infected?

You can tell if there is swelling, pain, tenderness or redness around the crown of the tooth that there is an infected tooth underneath the crown. This happens when patients do not go to the doctor for a checkup, or they don’t take care of their teeth. With regular physician control and good oral hygiene, such an event is very unlikely.

Is it Better to Get a Crown or Pull the Tooth?

Soraca Med  always leaves tooth extraction as the last option. We will always choose root canal treatment with crown if it is possible to save the tooth. This allows the patient to use their existing tooth for longer. If the patient loses this tooth, an implant or bridge will need to be placed in that cavity. Toothless areas can have negative effects on the oral structure and health. Bone resorption, and the deterioration of teeth alignment are two examples.
Protecting the tooth by applying a crown can help prevent future problems and save money on implant treatment.

Can Food Get Stuck Under a Crown?

This means that the crown has not been properly seated at the base of the tooth. Food can collect under the crown. Food accumulation under and around crowns can cause gum disease and tooth decay. If you notice any abnormality in your crowns, consult your dentist immediately.

How Long Does it Take For a Crown To Feel Normal?

The average time to adjust to your new crown is 3-7 days. This is normal. You have a new order. It will take a while to adjust to the new setup. If you experience an irregularity for more than a week or a month, there could be underlying problems. You should consult a dentist immediately if you feel any irregularities in your mouth.

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