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Who doesn’t want to have white, perfectly aligned and straight teeth? The desire to have the best smile is one of the most common aesthetic concerns. Over time, however, teeth may lose their shine and become yellow. Uneven smiles can be detrimental to self-confidence, and social relationships. More and more people are turning towards the Hollywood Smile, inspired by the incredible smiles of celebrities and influencers around the globe.

Hollywood Smile is a series of cosmetic dentistry techniques that restores white, aligned and straight teeth. Fly to Turkey with SoracaMed to undergo a Hollywood Smile treatment in Antalya or Istanbul. Get the latest innovations at a reduced cost.

Hollywood Smile is carried out by the most experienced and best dentists of the region. The country’s dentists are generally well-trained in both theory and practice. The success rate is high because of this. The demand for smile design in the country is also quite high.

Our clinic is known for its high-quality health tourism services. We perform dental veneers and dental implants to create a Hollywood smile. The specialist physician plans and performs the applications taking into consideration the patient’s needs. Contact us for more information on the application and to request an appointment.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Package

Porcelain or zirconium porcelain veneers should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a Hollywood smile. These veneers can make your teeth shine like pearls. So, your smile will also be renewed. A smile that is impressive can help a person to stand out both in social and professional life.

It is important to ensure that the teeth are free of decay before applying veneers. Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to treat any caries. Tartar should also be removed if there is any. Calculus buildup can cause teeth to shake and lead to cavities. It is possible to use other applications, such as polishing and whitening for the teeth after veneers have been applied.

Hollywood Smile Advantages

The Hollywood smile is a set of teeth that have been perfectly sculpted to give them an A-list appearance. The name is derived from the wide beams of ivory-white light that were emitted by Hollywood celebrities who began this trend. They also emphasized the importance of having perfect teeth.

You can enjoy the following benefits with our Hollywood Smile treatment.

Our high-quality Vita & Ivoclar products will give your teeth the perfect shade.

Remove discoloration, chips and flaking.

Fill in the gaps between your teeth.

Give individuals the confidence boost that they need.

Correct any tooth disproportionation by re-aligning the gumline.

To prevent future discoloration, maintain a consistent shade of veneer.

Hollywood Smile Procedure

First, you need to have a dental exam. It is important that you have healthy teeth before undergoing a Hollywood Smile. It will be necessary, therefore, to treat periodontal tissue and dental cavities.

The steps in the Hollywood Smile procedure vary from patient to patient, depending on their initial teeth condition and their needs. Patients who need dental implants may not have the same procedure as patients who just require veneers. The Hollywood Smile is customized to each patient for a personal result.

Are You Eligible For A Hollywood Smile?

It’s good to know that a Hollywood Smile can be beneficial for many people. The Hollywood Smile procedure in Antalya or Istanbul is a seamless one size fits all.

Your teeth’s current condition should not be a concern. You may be concerned about the dental structure of teeth, or you might have pre-existing problems.

If you want to place veneers on a full set of teeth, dental implants might be needed first.

Imagine you have a severe misalignment in your teeth. If this is the case, then an orthodontic treatment might be needed before a Hollywood-style smile can be achieved.

During your consultation, you will be assessed for eligibility.

Hollywood Smile is it a painful procedure?

Hollywood Smile has different results depending on which treatment is used. The procedure is usually painless because the veneers are applied with local anaesthesia. For example, implants can cause more pain after surgery. During the healing phase, your dentist will provide painkillers. You may experience discomfort after teeth whitening due to sensitivity.

Aftercare: What is needed?

After the Hollywood Smile treatment, you must continue to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing every day will help you maintain your new smile. If necessary, antibacterial mouthwash should be used after the Hollywood Smile treatment.

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

Hollywood Smile prices in Turkey is much lower than any other European countries and in the USA. The cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey can range between $2500-6000 , depending on what procedures are required.

Hollywood Smile Cost in The UK:

Price Average

12000 £ = 20 porcelain veneers

20000 £ = 20 Zirconium crowns

Hollywood Smile Cost in The Netherlands:

Price Average

8000EUR = 20 porcelain veneers

10000 EUR = 20 Zirconium crowns

Hollywood Smile Cost in The US:

Price Average

24000 $ = 20 porcelain veneers

30000 $ = 20 Zirconium crowns

Is Hollywood smile a good idea?

Hollywood grins are primarily cosmetic procedures that aim to create a beautiful, eye-catching smile. If your main concern is the way you look when you smile, a Hollywood smile makeover could be the right solution.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures included in the Hollywood Smile Makeover may be beneficial for people with dental problems, such as discoloration, stains, misalignment or small chips.

Oral health: Healthy gums and healthy teeth are the foundation of any cosmetic dentistry. Before attempting any cosmetic dental procedures, it is important to treat any underlying dental problems, such as gum disease, cavities or oral infections.

To achieve the dramatic results of a Hollywood makeover a customized treatment plan is created to address each patient’s dental concerns and aesthetic goals. A cosmetic dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and make tailored recommendations.

Realistic Expectations Patients should be realistic about the results of a Hollywood Smile Makeover. Cosmetic dentistry’s goal is to enhance the patient’s natural beauty. The results can be stunning.

It can be expensive to get a Hollywood Smile or cosmetic dental work. Consider your financial situation, and if needed, explore financing options.

The longevity of cosmetic restorations can be affected by factors such as oral hygiene and diet. Smoking habits should also be considered.

A qualified cosmetic dentist should be consulted to assess the patient’s oral health in depth and discuss their treatment options. Professional dentists can discuss pros, cons and other options to achieve that Hollywood smile.

Why Do Your Hollywood Smile In Turkey

By choosing Turkey to makeHollywood Smile, you can save money without giving lack of  the quality of your care. The most advanced cosmetic dentistry specialization is in Turkey. Soraca Med selects dentists who are the best in their field (implantology or veneers, teeth bleaching, etc.). In fact, unlike European dentists, who are generalists, Turkish specialists and professors focus on specific dental care. They have great expertise.

The infrastructure in Turkey is adequate to host tourists. This includes the latest technology for dentistry. Turkey, with its long history and exceptional gastronomic and cultural heritage, is a favorite destination in the Mediterranean. Soraca Med offers a warm welcome and the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques in Turkey.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey FAQs

How long does Hollywood’s smile Turkey last?

Hollywood Smiles may provide long-lasting results but may also require ongoing maintenance and care. The durability of veneers and crowns/restorations depends on factors such as oral hygiene and lifestyle. Veneers typically last between 15-20 years while crowns/restorations can last even longer if properly cared for.

What are the drawbacks of Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile procedures may not be suitable for everyone. These include dental caries and gingivitis as well as high costs.

Why is Hollywood Smile so expensive?

Materials used: The cost can be affected by the choice of material, like porcelain or zirconia, for crowns and veneers. The higher-quality materials are more expensive, but offer better durability and aesthetic outlooking.

What is the best material  for a Hollywood smile?

Veneers are a good option for anyone looking to have a Hollywood Smile. They are highly durable, and they resist wear. We are sugget genarally zirconium or Emax

How much does hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

Hollywood Smile costs between $ 2500 and $ 6000 in Turkey.

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