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Endoscopic balloons for gastric surgery used for six months is utilized to fight the obesity. Obesity is a cause of various health problems. The weight gain of an individual can be caused due to a myriad of causes. Many struggle to lose weight, but without taking any medication. In this situation gastric balloons that are endoscopic provide a good alternative. 

What is Endoscopic 6 Month Gastric Balloon? 

The endoscopic gastric balloon procedure is the process of inflated the stomach with a balloon through the mouth of a person using the endoscope. This balloon is not filled up enough to fill the stomach completely. Since a part of your stomach is filled with the balloon, patients lose weight having fewer meals. Endoscopic gastric balloons are kept within the stomach for six months. 

Who Can Have Endoscopic 6-Month Gastric Balloon? 

Endoscopic gastric balloons for 6 months are a great option for people with an index of body mass of 27 or more. It is suggested for those suffering from sleep apnea and high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients who are obese need surgery. They might not be in the weight needed to require procedure Gastric balloon endoscopic surgery is performed to reduce the weight in the area where surgery can be performed.. When the weight has attained, the balloon is removed and the patient transferred to a hospital where they undergo surgery. 

Who is not suitable for endoscopic 6-month gastric balloon? 

Before the use of endoscopic 6-month gastric balloon, some controls are performed on the patient. For example, it is investigated whether the patient has a disease that causes weight gain. He may be gaining weight due to problems with the thyroid glands. These types of conditions are detected. If the patient does not gain weight for any reason, endoscopic gastric balloon procedure is performed. Not only physical but also psychological evaluations should be made. If the patient suddenly and uncontrollably starts eating, he/she may be suffering from emotional eating disorder. In such a case, the patient should first be referred to mental health. Because the patient with emotional eating disorder will continue to eat even if the balloon is inserted. This can lead to worse consequences.

What are the Advantages of Endoscopic 6 Month Gastric Balloon? 

A gastric balloon that is endoscopic for six months offers many advantages. Because of this, the variety of options has grown in recent years. Benefits of gastric balloons that are endoscopic are as follows: 

Since it’s not an operation There is no chance of infection or discomfort during the procedure. 

If the person experiences any discomfort due to the balloon, it is removed promptly. 

The time period for balloons is six months. The stomach then becomes quickly repaired. 

It does not cause harm to the organs within the digestive system. 

The price is lower than the cost of a surgical procedure. 

What are the dangers of an  endoscopic gastric balloons for  six months? 

Risks of endoscopic gastric balloons for 6 months are not a result of bleeding or rupture. Gastric balloon procedures in the past had these dangers. But, today there is no risk due to the new balloon structures. Within the first week the patient might experience extreme nausea or vomiting. Apart from that there aren’t any other signs. If a patient who undergoes this procedure suffers severe symptoms, they must contact their physician immediately. A few exceptional cases can be observed in the endoscopic gastric ballooning procedure as with all procedures. If there’s a problem the balloon may be easily removed from the stomach.

How Much Weight Can Be Lost With Endoscopic 6-Month Gastric Balloon? 

Through the endoscopic gastric balloon for 6 months one could lose between 10% and 30 percent of their weight within six months. If a person weighs 200 kg who has had endoscopic gastric surgery and has lost 20 to 60 percent of that weight. Losing weight is accomplished through a consistent diet. To achieve this, it is important to follow the list of diets. 

What is the Endoscopic 6 Month Gastric Balloon Nutrition Process? 

Endoscopic 6-month gastric balloon nutritional process is simpler to implement since the sensation of hunger is not as strong. The desired weight can be achieved through the following diet guidelines which is given following the operation. It is essential to drink lots of fluids over the initial week. At the end of the 11th day the treatment, regular nutrition can begin 

Why Should You Consider 6 Month Gastric Balloon In Turkey? 

The benefits to considering the gastric balloon for 6 months in Turkey comprise: 

Because a gastric balloons in Turkey is only temporary 

It is once-in-a-lifetime use device that is put into the sleeve. This isn’t a surgery and there aren’t any scars. The fear of having surgery is among the main reasons people are hesitant to put their health in danger in refusing to lose  weight. There’s no need for an general anaesthetic and you won’t need to be concerned about surgery using the gastric balloon for six months. 

6 month gastric balloons in Turkey is easy and fast 

The balloon procedure is an easy procedure that is performed in that same day. The patient will be in the hospital for 3 or 4 hours. It should take less than 5 minutes to fill the balloon. The process could not take more than 20-30 minutes. 

6 month gastric balloons within Turkey is a secure procedure 

The 6-month gastric balloon located in Turkey is a proven treatment. Patients are assured that it’s among the most safe options for aiding their weight reduction journey. The procedure has over 20 years of research across the globe. 

What Is The Cost Of 6 Month Gastric Balloon In Turkey? 

The prices for the six months gastric balloons in Turkey are usually 3-4 times less than the prices for visitors from the west of Europe This makes Turkey one of the most sought-after destinations for medical tourists searching for a non-invasive, safe weight loss treatment like the 6-month gastric balloon Turkey. The cost of the 6 month gastric balloons in Turkey is between EUR 1250 to EUR 2200. 

Is Turkey A Safe For 6 Month Gastric Balloon? 

Patients contemplating a 6-month gastric balloons in Turkey generally have one confusing question Is it secure to go to Turkey or is turkey a safe destination? It is a definite yes. Turkey is a remarkably safe country that is not a victim of national or international conflicts. It is well-known that there were a few incidents and riots in Turkey in the past, which is the reason why there is a heightened security presence in the streets, in airports as well as touristic areas galleries, shopping centers and hotels. Turkey was never as safe like it is now. Both the military and police are in charge of maintaining peace within the country. Of course, patients need to be vigilant about them and their staff. avoid places that are dangerous or suspicious and verify the official declarations regarding the current state of affairs in the particular country when they are in a foreign nation. 

Turkey is among the top 10 destinations for tourists from around the world. Turkey holidays are favored by millions of tourists because of its unique mediterranean climate. Turkey is the ideal climate for those who love the ocean, beaches with sand and plenty of sunshine. The main benefits of Turkey are its historical sites (after the hellens and byzantines the ottomans, hittis, and other civilisations),

How Soon After I Have The Balloon Inserted Will I Start Losing Weight? 

As long as you are able to support it by eating a balanced diet and engaging in sports and exercise, you’ll begin losing weight in the beginning of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the gastric balloon for 6 months in Turkey procedure perform? 

The doctor you see at the SoracaMed Clinic, located in Turkey introduces a deflated gastric balloon made of silicone in the stomach via the mouth. This balloon then gets filled saline solution, or by air, which means that your stomach is able to store much less calories (due to the volume of space that is taken up in the stomach balloon). As a result, you’ll feel fuller quickly, and you’ll consume less. The gastric balloon may be placed in place for a period of up to six months. It’s not an all-time solution, and your stomach may get back to normal when the balloon is removed. 

Do I qualify for a six-month gastric balloon procedure in Turkey? 

The 6-month gastric balloon Turkey procedure isn’t a good fit for everyone However, you might be eligible in the following circumstances: 

It is important to shed some pounds prior to an event 

Your BMI is between 27 and 30 (weight-loss surgery typically requires a bmi of or more) 

You’re obese to the point that your doctor has decided that surgery may be dangerous. The gastric balloon may help you accelerate weight loss and make the procedure safer. 

What happens in the course of the 6 month gastric balloon Turkey process? 

You’ll be provided with general anaesthesia or sedation during the six month gastric balloon procedure, meaning that you won’t have to be concerned about how it feels. It usually will take less than an hour to complete. The surgeon numbs the throat and then inserts the gastric balloon with endoscopic tool. The gastric balloon comes with an inserted catheter it. The surgeon will inflate the balloon using air or liquid and then remove the catheter. The balloon self-seals. It is possible to go home on the next day following the gastric balloon procedure is completed. 

What do I change my life after a six-month gastric balloon Turkey treatment? 

Like any other weight loss procedure the 6-month gastric balloon Turkey process isn’t the same as a miracle cure. You’ll need to adhere to the diet. You’ll need to exercise. It is essential to learn how to eat properly to be able to do this following the six months when the balloon for gastric digestion located in Turkey has been removed. 

What weight loss will I experience after my six month gastric balloon through the Turkey process? 

Your weight loss will be contingent on how closely you follow the food plan you’ve been instructed to follow. On average, you could be able to lose %35 of excess body weight. It’s an ideal way to begin an ongoing program of eating healthy! 

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