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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique is among the most advanced hair transplant methods. It is the most precise and least invasive method than traditional FUE techniques. There are some major distinctions in FUE and DHI methods. 

This Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure is a very sophisticated form of FUE hair transplant. This technique makes use of the Choi Implanter Pen to offer an even more precise and effective process. 

In DHI hair follicles are extracted from the donor area without removing an entire strip of skin. The follicles that are extracted are carefully placed in the Choi Implanter Pen. It creates channels within the area of the recipient and then implants the hair follicle. This helps reduce injury to the scalp and reduces the amount of time the grafts are outside of the body, which promotes greater hair growth. 

Hair transplant surgery with DHI offers an easier method of implanting hair. It also ensures natural-looking results with greater graft survival rates when in comparison to conventional FUT methods that involve the removal of the skin strip. 

The transplanted hair starts to grow after a couple of months, and the full effect is visible after 9-12 month.

What exactly is the DHI Hair Transplant process?

DHI also known as Direct Hair Implantation is a method for hair transplantation that involves hair follicles that are resistant to separation of the nape area are removed one by one using an implanter pen before being transferred directly to the area of recipient through hair. 

Treatment options are increasing as because of the new techniques designed to meet a variety of technical and aesthetic requirements for hair transplantation. The DHI method is the most effective instance of this technology and latest techniques for hair transplantation. Additionally, advances in technology allow hair transplants to anyone, and also capture the current trends for hair transplantation. 

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant those who have weak plant growth are able to benefit from minimally invasive hair transplantation methods that use donor hair in the region. Modern techniques for hair transplantation let you to increase the area of donor. 

These innovations have played an important contribution to the incredible natural look we have achieved during the last few years. Techniques like using the DHI-choi pen method that was created to facilitate more frequent hair transplantation have proved to be a boon in the area in hair transplantation. The effectiveness in hair transplants is boosting interest in it on a regular basis.

What exactly is the DHI Choi implanter pen? 

The Choi implanter pen is a medical device created to aid for direct hair transplant procedure. Our surgeons are able carry out a successful and efficient hair transplants thanks to DHI Choi implanter pen technology. 

What’s work the DHI Choi pen work? 

This DHI Choi implanter pen is a high-tech tool that has a small hollow needle at its end. The pen allows for exact extraction of hair follicles using no cut. The hair follicle extracted is loaded simultaneously to the pen, which allows the direct placement in the desired region. 

There are a variety of different versions of the Choi implanter pen, each with its own characteristics to offer the fastest and most effective hair transplantation. The surgeon will shift between the various pens based on the size and hair density as well as other factors specific to. Additionally, the hollow needle tip permits precision hair implantation. This results in a more natural appearance.

DHI: Why do men choose DHI Transplantation?

Men of all ages may undergo a process loss of hair, no matter if it’s male-pattern baldness, low iron levels in your diet or stress, or a health issue that is underlying. The best outcome of this process is to restore healthy, thick and well-balanced hair and, consequently, regain confidence through the use of specialized pencils that our team is using.

How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done? 

The DHI procedure for hair transplants procedure is carried out at Soraca Med by transferring the transplants obtained through the extraction of follicular units using FUE method to the location desired by using a pen (implanter pen). When using FUE following the grafts have been removed, channels (incisions) are cut into the skin using various tools and the grafts are put into the channels.

What is the cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey? 

DHI Hair Transplantation in Turkey costs between 1500 € and 2500 €

How Much Does DHI Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey? 

 In comparison the cost of hair transplants in England and America the expense of hair transplantation Turkey is not too expensive. These countries have a price of dhi hair transplantation can go upwards by 10,000 € . However, the price of hair transplantation using dhi in Turkey ranges from 1500 € between 2500 € .

Who is Eligible for DHI Hair Transplant? 

DHI hair transplantation is offered to anyone who would like to undergo a transplant procedure. Patients who want to undergo transplantation without shaving should initially consider the DHI method. When it comes to hair transplantation using other techniques, greater number of grafts can be utilized. 

In this context the number of grafts a patient will require must be considered by patients that want DHI and the final decision should be taken with the surgeon who is performing the procedure. 

Before you decide on the hair transplant type the most important thing to consider is to pick an institution that will be able to take care of your in the most efficient manner possible, and will remain there for you following the procedure. 

DHI Hair Transplant Surgery | Following  days after DHI Hair Transplant 

One or two days after the DHI hair transplant surgery, wound care and the first wash are performed. The health of the hair follicles is examined. You gradually relax after this stage. The first few days after DHI hair transplantation are the most delicate. The patient can return to his home country after the second day. 

DHI Hair Transplant Outcomes 

On average, it takes one year to see the results of a hair transplant. Before and after photos of DHI hair transplants are taken at least 1-2 years after hair transplantation. 

10 – 15 Days Following DHI Hair Transplant 

The wounds heal and the scabs fall off after two weeks. The most delicate stage of the healing process has passed. 

1 to 3 months after DHI hair transplant 

During this time, the weak hairs that emerge from the transplanted hair follicles grow and are completely shed with the impact. Although there are some aesthetic challenges, the shedding of bumps is an indication that it is too early to get your new hair back. 

3 to 6 Months DHI Hair Transplant 

The transplanted hair follicles are strengthening in their new locations, and your permanent hair has begun to grow. 

8 Months to 1 Year DHI Hair Transplant 

Your hair is now pulled back. You can have fun with your hair by shaping, lengthening, or cutting it. 

Women’s DHI Hair Transplant Applications 

There are many people who benefit through hair transplantation has been rising as technology improves and the limits of what can be accomplished in hair transplantation is widened due to methods for hair transplantation that are minimally invasive such as DHI. 

The DHI method is a highly effective method for hair transplantation for women because of its hair transplantation function that is not shaved.


What exactly is DHI method for hair transplantation? 

 The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is a technique for hair transplantation that involves the use of hair follicles of individual hair are removed from the donor region and then implanted directly into the recipient region. This causes the natural growth of hair. 

Which is better, DHI or FUE? 

 The choice between DHI (Direct hair implantation) as well FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) depends on the needs specific to the patient. DHI allows for better precision in placement, greater chances of survival, as well as lower risks. FUE permits more rapid harvesting and larger grafts. Both methods have advantages. 

Why would you want to undergo the DHI hair transplantation in Turkey? 

Highly experienced doctors, the latest technology, low-cost expenses, comprehensive follow-up high rate of success, and confidentiality and discretion. These are just a few reasons why people opt to undergo DHI hair transplants in Turkey. 

How long will it take for me to completely recover? 

In the first 10 days, all scabs will fall off your scalp, and after the first month has ended, you could experience a shocking loss. After 3 months, hairs will start growing and, after the first year, you’ll see the final outcome. 

Do I experience pain following the hair transplant? 

DHI Hair Transplantation can be an easy procedure if performed with the proper conditions. Our team of experts will only focus on you and that means there will be no limitations on time or need to rush. After the procedure you will not experience any discomfort from rushing around your donor and the area of transplantation. 

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