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Women have been taking care of their eyebrows for many years. According to studies, the shape of our eyebrows determine what we look like to the person who is in front of us. They play an important part in expressing our feelings in a day. In the present, where appearance of women is more important than any other time in human history due to the massive usage of the internet, a lot of women invest a lot effort and time making their eyebrows look as they would like. There are approximately 1200 hair follicles that are un-pucked eyebrows and uhn-shaped. This amount can be reduced to around 200 for eyebrows that are constantly shaped. Alongside aesthetic issues Unfortunately, certain diseases medications, treatments for medical conditions, or incorrect makeup products can result in eyebrows becoming reduced and even not stretched. Being attractive and beautiful is essential for both men and women nowadays. Over the past decade the Micro FUE cosmetic eyebrow surgery has evolved into an extremely beautiful procedures for males, particularly women. In certain societies, eyebrows are considered as a sign of authority for men, and in particular the top executives of the largest corporations in the world have eyebrow transplants by using the micro FUE or DHI method. Nowadays, eyebrows appear, and are efficient in influencing a person’s facial appearance, can be created beautifully and with astonishment using an FUE or DHI eyebrow transplantation procedure.

Who can benefit from a transplant of their eyebrows?

Individuals who have lost their eyebrow hair or have a faded brow tattoo or desire more full eyebrows could consider getting an eyebrow transplant. It is possible to have an eyebrow transplant if suffer from a medical condition which causes eyebrow loss, such as alopecia or trichotillomania. Or in the event of an accident that affected the skin such as burned or scars.

A transplant of the eyebrow is a permanent way to make your eyebrows appear larger, instead of using makeup to fill the eyebrows. While this procedure is the most frequent with women, men may decided to get their eyebrows transpalant too.

The procedure itself is similar to a traditional hair transplant.

A surgeon can transfer not just individual hairs but also hair follicles. This means that hairs will develop in your brows once the first ones are taken out.

The entire procedure can take two to three hours.

How does a transplanted eyebrow function?

Eyebrow transplantation, which is a process for transferring hair, can be a easy and convenient procedure. If the treatment is done correctly the highest level of satisfaction for patients is possible with eyebrow transplantation which is a smaller space than hair transplantation. While it is closely related to hair transplantation since it’s performed on facial features, eyebrow transplantation can’t be done using as many different methods like hair transplantation. For instance, even though the FUT method is an old one, it is still employed for hair transplants on occasion however, it is not the preferred method in applications for eyebrow transplantation. However it is true that the FUE technique isn’t often used in the process of transferring eyebrows due to the fact that the channels created during the procedure could damage the eyebrow’s roots. Due to its convenience in tight areas and speedy recovery of the procedure, the DHI technique is commonly employed in the process of eyebrow transplantation.

A canal opening is not required to perform the DHI procedure that is carried out using an Choi needle, or alternatively using an implant pen. Grafts that are taken from the donor area are directly implanted into the eye area during an eyebrow transplant using this method. Choi needles are pins that are specially designed to be that are used for hair transplantation. The DHI method, also called the Choi method, allows for an easier treatment as well as an easier return to social activities. Eyebrow transplants using the DHI technique has many advantages. First, there is there is no channel in the receiver region needs to be open. Since hair follicles are transferred directly, the procedure is done quickly. Another benefit of DHI is that eyebrows can be designed significantly more efficiently in the narrow area of the eyebrow because of the ergonomics created through Choi pen. Choi pen. One of the aspects that affect the facial expressions we display is the location the eyebrows.

Therefore it is essential that they look natural and harmonious with their facial appearance. In comparison to other methods for eyebrow transplantation, the DHI technique is able to better shape the direction of growth of hair follicles and produce an appearance that is more natural. This means that the team is usually faced with more instances that other organizations. The team’s expertise in diverse cases and expertise in the difficult procedure could be a key factor in getting satisfactory outcomes. Eyebrow transplantation is a 4-step procedure that is secure, easy, and leads to excellent patient satisfaction.

The procedure is in the following order The process is as follows: – Consultation phase Hair follicles extracted from the donor area Choi eyebrow transplants using needles The bandage is applied after eyebrow transplantation.

Phase of Consultation

Eyebrow transplantation is a process that requires meticulous planning. While the procedure for procedures are basically the same however, the design of the eyebrow and the amount of grafts utilized differ between individuals. Individualization of these procedures is necessary in order to accommodate the patient’s facial features and appearance the anatomical lines, as well as the extent of deformation of the eyebrow. In the initial consultation you should inquire about the medical history of the patient. Our team will then design an eyebrow style that matches the facial features of the patient and informs the patient about how to get the transplant.

Hair follicle extraction in the donor region

Prior to the procedure the patient receives local anesthesia prior to the procedure. This will ensure patients are as relaxed as they can be during the procedure. The removal of the hair’s roots out of the donor remov is then started. The amount of hair follicles removed varies according to the size of the area that is to be transplanted. Most often hair grafts taken from the rear of the head serve for the purpose of donating eyebrow transplantation. While body hair is an alternative, the hair taken from the neck’s nape tends to be more resilient against loss of eyebrow and is therefore often chosen as a place to donate.

It is the Choi needle is used to perform eyebrow transplantation.

The grafts harvested at this point are then implanted in the area using an Choi needle used in eyebrow transplants that are performed using an DHI method or Choi method. There isn’t a channel opening at this point, like it is with the FUE method. Hair follicles taken from the donor region are transferred to the area of recipient. Prior to the procedure it is a matter of applying a local anesthetic applied to the donor region, just as it will be in the recipient region. This minimizes the chance of pain and discomfort during the procedure and permits the procedure to be completed more easily.

After eyebrow transplantation, bandage

The final step is to apply the bandage that is applied following eyebrow transplantation. This procedure is finished within the next day after the procedure. In this step two factors are considered. One is whether hair follicles grow in the target area in the course of application. The other is if complications can occur.

The traditional treatment for eyebrows that are thin or lacking in volume was to apply cosmetics for the purpose of “fill in” the eyebrow hairs. There is a growing demand for a more permanent solution to eyebrow transplants.

A transplant of the eyebrow is carried out by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon using your own hair.

While the procedure may seem straightforward however, there are a variety of aspects to take into consideration including cost, the risks and adverse consequences. Read on to learn what you can expect from an eyebrow transplant, and how you can determine if the procedure is the right choice for you.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

The new eyebrows appear natural, as if they’re yours, as per people who support eyebrow transplants. Furthermore the procedure can lessen the requirement for eyebrow makeup.

However, there are complaints about the negatives of this method.  It could take several months for the new hair follicles to “take” and you to be able to see the full effects. There is also an opportunity that these newly formed eyebrow follicles are not going to produce new hairs.

How long will it take to heal after the procedure of  your eyebrows?

The procedure of the eyebrows transplant will require a shorter recovery time. In the initial few days, you’ll see some lines appearing around your eyebrows. It’s important not to pick these.

It is possible that you will need to stay away from intense exercise for a period of at least three weeks following the procedure. If you see any swelling, bleeding or pus around the area Contact your surgeon.

After a couple of weeks, transplanted eyebrows start to fall out. This is normal. In the next few months, your eyebrow hairs will begin to expand. At the same time, your transplanted hairs might need to be cut to lengthen your eyebrow.

Precautions and side effects

One issue with implanted eyebrow is the possibility that hair follicles you transplanted aren’t able to grow. In these instances it is possible undergo the process again again in the future.

There are risks that come along to the surgery. Be sure to discuss the following possible complications the surgeon you consult:

  • excessive bruising
  • nerve injury
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • Infection


The surgeon will review your medical history prior to the procedure. Incorporate any underlying medical issues and any medications or supplements that you take currently.

If you have one of the below conditions, an eyebrow transplant might not be the best option to you

Alopecia in the area of eyebrow loss


Bleeding issues

A background of complications from cosmetic surger

How much an Eyebrow Transplant   in Turkey  cost you in 2024?

A eyebrow transplant is classified as an “nonmedical” procedure. This means that it’s generally not covered by insurance companies for health. Eyebrow transplants are similar with other procedures for cosmetic purposes, such as injectables.

The cost of an eyebrow transplant can vary based on the specific requirements of your service provider, and the location you reside. In Turkey this procedure can be priced between 850 to 1950 Euros. Additional charges for the surgical facility, the surgeon, and anesthesiologist are also included in the cost estimate (if necessary).

The health insurance rules are not applicable if the transplant is considered required due to eyebrow loss resulted from an accident or an unrelated medical health condition. But, these cases are not common. However, you would be liable for copays or deductibles that your insurance plan will require.

Many companies offer payment plans that assist patients with the costs associated with cosmetic procedures. This may include special discounts or financing plans. Prior to making an appointment for your eyebrow transplant, consult with your doctor regarding the options available.

Where should the procedure for Eyebrow Transplantation be carried out?

Before you decide to undergo the procedure It’s best to research the most reliable surgeon. Ask about the surgeon’s qualifications and their experience. They should at least have a portfolio to show you, so you are able to gauge their capabilities.

Consultations give you the possibility to review a prospective surgeon’s work portfolio while you can also ask questions. A lot of service providers offer “free” consultations. There is no obligation to make an appointment until you’ve found an expert surgeon with whom you feel at ease working.

Do not attempt this process by using a fraudulent service in attempt in order to cut costs. This can result in not just dangerous negative effects, but being dissatisfied with the results and the need to repeat it.

Eyebrow Transplant FAQs

What can I do to not to lose eyebrow hair?

The attractiveness of having full eyebrows frame your face. It improves your appearance. The unfortunate reality is that thinning and losing their shape is a concern for many people around the world and could be caused by medical issues and genetics, hormonal imbalances and skin issues. The procedure of a transplanted eyebrow can be an effective solution that is permanent. Natural looking eyebrows are created by a surgical procedure which inserts hair from a donor in the desired areas. Also, you will be able to experience an entire set of beautiful, healthy eyebrows that last!

How long will the process of an eyebrow transplant?

A transplant of the eyebrow in Turkey might be the answer to stop the loss of hair in the eyebrows involved. There is no need to endure a sagging and patchy eyebrows because implants can provide you with a permanent healthy development, similar to what you’d expect from elsewhere. The follicles are positioned in the area of hair loss, creating a naturally growing arches and without raising your eyebrows!

Are eyebrow hair transplants high risk?

In Turkey the procedure of the procedure of transferring your eyebrows is generally non painful, with only a little swelling and the possibility of scabbing. You can be assured that the amazing work done by the top doctors in Turkey is backed by a solid success rate of successful results. Soraca Med’s doctors for hair transplants will only employ permanent treatments, giving you years of beautiful eyebrows that are full and without indications that a transplant had ever been done. Problems are not common with the majority of patients finding eyebrow reconstruction in Turkey extremely effective. So, if you’re looking for the perfect pictures frame eyebrows This procedure is definitely worthwhile!

Are eyebrow implants very popular in Turkey?

Eyebrow transplants have risen in popularity over the past few times, particularly in Turkey. In actuality, Soraca Med alone has conducted many eyebrow transplant surgeries in the last couple of years!

What exactly is involved in the procedure of transferring your eyebrows?

In a transplant of the eyebrow the individual donor follicles taken from the scalp of the patient are carefully removed and put into tiny cuts around the areas where eyebrows require to be increased or repaired. The entire process takes about 2 to 4 hours.

What are the benefits of a transplanted eyebrow?

Eyebrow transplants can assist people enhance the appearance of their eyebrows as well as fill in sagging areas and can even repair the appearance of thinning or uneven eyebrows. They also look natural and typically require little maintenance once the procedure is completed.

What’s the recovery process following an eyebrow transplant in Turkey?

After having an eyebrow transplant in Turkey the patient can resume your routine within 48 hours. The speedy recovery is a distinct feature that makes the process unique. The recovery time varies according to the patient, but typically will take about two weeks. Redness and swelling should slowly fade over this period. It is also essential to follow any post-operative guidelines provided by your physician to achieve the optimal outcomes.

Can I receive more than one kind of treatment at the same time?

In the event of a consultation to discuss a eyebrow transplant in Turkey can be done, you are able to choose from a variety of treatments to get the desired outcomes. For example, if the patient is interested in a longer beard or mustache, our staff can suggest the amount of grafts needed and the likelihood of getting the desired results. In our clinic, we can accommodate patients who would like to undergo different treatments for example, getting the Hollywood Smile in addition to new sideburns or treating either female or male pattern hair loss, as well as thinned beards. The procedures we offer can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each patient.

Do you have any suggestions for someone planning to have an eyebrow implant in Turkey?

It is vital to conduct an extensive research and locate a reputable clinic such as Soraca Med that is staffed with skilled and experienced professionals. Also, be sure that you talk about all concerns and queries with your doctor prior to the procedure. The process of transferring your eyebrows is safe and provides remarkable results.

What is the cost of an eye implant cost you in Turkey?

Soraca Med is among the most trusted clinics that offer eyebrow transplants in Turkey. The clinic provides a variety of services for hair restoration, including eyebrow transplants using modern techniques and cutting-edge equipment. The price for eyebrow transplants at Soraca Med can range from 850 up to 1950 EUR depending on the quantity of grafts needed.

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