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Hair simulaiton (Scalp pigmentation) is an entirely non-stressful and painless process that does not cause bleeding that takes between 2-5hours based on the size of the procedure. In the course of the procedure, there isn’t used narcosis, however local anesthesia is  using cream. Hair simulation is applied to women and males. 

The environmental factors (cold or hot water) do not affect the paint and do not alter the color. Through this method, hair’s real hair roots, hair patterns and colors are reproduced through the use of specific devices. In areas of baldness, these are epidermal micropigmentation techniques created. Hair simulation is not procedure for hair transplant. Hair simulation is a procedure that can be performed one month after the transplantation of hair and doesn’t impact the procedures for hair transplantation. However when hair transplantation and hair simulation are performed in conjunction it is apparent that they’re complementary. 

people with hair that is thin or people who have lost all their hair, those suffering from hair loss) Alopecia totalis, people with similar conditions. People who previously had surgery particularly using the fut technique, that leaves deep scars on the backof head region. 

In hair simulation the paint used is no chemical components, but water-based paints and plant-based ones should be used. 

What Is Hair Simulation In Turkey? 

A hair simulation In Turkey can be a surgical but non-invasive methods to eliminate baldness. In this technique, hair follicles, hair structures are replicated through applying epidermal micropigmentation on bald areas. A hair simulation method in Turkey is not a method for hair transplantation. However, it can provide great results when utilized as a complement to hair transplantation. The best results are typically observed in those with a small hair structures. It also works in resolving regional hair issues like ringsworm. In the event that the ideal density can’t attain due to inadequate donor area for hair transplantation, the hair simulation in Turkey aids in achieving an appearance that is more dense. 

The time required for the hair simulation within Turkey application is entirely dependent in the dimension of the opening in the hair. The smallest openings require 30 minutes, whereas the biggest openings or total tightening may take as long as 5 hours. After a week, the process of hair simulation A little touch-up will yield better results once the pigments have settled completely. 

Hair simulation can be done using different devices other than tattoo machines. It is best to use disposable and personal needles and in a clean setting. The sterility of the surroundings is not different from the hair transplantation.  

What Are The Major Facts To Note About Hair Simulation In Turkey? 

  • The dye used in this procedure does not have negative impact on health. However, patients are asked to undergo an allergy test. 
  • Prior to this procedure it is necessary to apply local anesthesia on the area to be applied. 
  • Hair simulation is not surgical and is performed by specialists in sterile conditions with special needles. 
  • There is a possibility of mild swelling during the initial few days. The appearance of crusts can be seen in early in the week. Patients should stay away from touching the crusting. 
  • The area of application should be kept out of contact with water for three days in order to avoid the risk of infection. 
  • Patients should stay away from sauna and solarium for one month after the procedure. 

How Does Hair Simulation In Turkey Work? 

The hair simulation procedure In Turkey is a hair effects technique that can be used to give natural hair-like appearance using 3D micropigmentation for people who are struggling with their hair due to a variety of reasons. By using an electric instrument and organic pigments for the scalp, hair pigmentation can be applied on the scalp. Hair simulation isn’t an actual surgical procedure or treatment in the sense that many people believe it is. 

Tattoo techniques and colors can’t be used to create hair. Since tattooing is a technique that involves applying synthetic color to the layers beneath the skin, it is possible for the colors to be dispersed across the layers of skin and leave dark spots. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of altering the color of the skin. For instance colors that are black may change color to blue or green. This is a completely unique situation with regards to hair pigmentation. That is, hair imitation in Turkey. 

What Is The Cost Of Hair Simulation In Turkey? 

Naturally, this kind of procedure is going to cost you some cash. However, sometimes you’ll have to pay a little more for stunning results. The two types of hair simulation in Turkey are priced between €900 and €2000 based on the person who performs the procedure and the quantity of hair follicles to be extracted. 

Is Hair Transplantation Possible Following Hair Simulation In Turkey? 

Yes, it’s feasible. The hair simulation process within Turkey is not affected by hair simulation, as well as hair transplantation. In addition hair simulation during the Turkey procedure doesn’t cause the hair transplanted to falling out. Many individuals choose to use hair simulation or shading in order to enhance the appearance of hair transplants because they aren’t getting the desired results. Hair simulation is a way to clarify and improve the appearance of hair transplantation. The hair simulation process in Turkey is simpler to use and yield results faster as opposed to hair transplantation which is costly and time-consuming process. It is evident that the reversal procedure is improved with the help of hair simulation procedure in Turkey. 

How Long Does Hair Simulation In Turkey Take? 

It’s the act of applying specially-designed dyes to the hair area to create small effects, using specially-designed techno devices. It is also known as hair tattoos, micropigmentation of hair or the process of simulated hair in Turkey. The procedure can be completed within 2 to 5 hours based on the measurements of facial features of the area that is to be simulated as hair. This is not a surgical procedure and people are able to return to their work following the procedure. In order to not be discomforted during the procedure the region is treated by anesthetic creams. 

After Hair Simulation 

  • The treatment are to be followed 10 days following the treatment. 
  • Showering can be done for up to 2 hours after the treatment. 
  • The sun’s rays is not permitted. 
  • Avoid bathing in the pool or ocean for at least 10 days. 
  • Sauna use is strictly forbidden. 
  • Don’t scratch or peel your skin in the area where you are treating. 
  • Apply a moisturizer following the recommendations of your expert twice a every day for 10 days. 

Is Hair Simulation In Turkey Permanent? 

Following the hair simulation Turkey procedure is completed, the patient is able to return to the normal routine. Additionally unlike hair transplants which is a procedure that requires a hair transplant, the hair can be cleaned with an icy shower next day. Its longevity can extend up to 3 years, directly proportional depending on the grade of pigment material utilized. The pigments of this kind are completely bio-based and will not cause negative effects to the human body. Hair simulating in Turkey appears natural if you choose the correct expert. 

Who should not have hair Simulation in Turkey? 

For people who are suffering from hair loss and hair loss, hair simulatation in Turkey is a permanent remedy that gives natural sensational results for men and women. But not all people are suitable for this treatment and due to a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of people that are suitable for hair-simulation in Turkey: 

Anyone under 24 years of age. 

The majority of experts believe on considered to be the “recommended” minimum age for hair loss simulation in Turkey. This is because loss of hair needs to be allowed to progress that often goes beyond the age of 24. If you’re patient, it can lead to significant improvements in the long run. 

People with health problems that are serious 

While hair-simulation within Turkey is a easy procedure that may produce amazing results, people who suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart disease kidney or liver disease or diabetes, among others are not suitable for this procedure. Check with your primary doctor or specialist for advice on the potential risks associated with the procedure. 

People who are allergic to anesthesia. 

Anesthesia (local) is necessary to carry out the procedure of transferring hair. So, patients who have adverse reactions to anesthesia or suffer from medical conditions that do not permit the use of anesthesia aren’t candidates for a hair simulation in Turkey. 

Patients suffering from blood-borne diseases. 

People with blood-borne illnesses like hiv or Hepatitis C are not suitable for hair simulation in Turkey. Ask your primary care physician regarding the risks and limitations of hair simulation, as well as the safeguards offered to keep everyone protected. 

Patients suffering from hemophilia. 

Hemophilia is an illness that restricts the capacity for blood to form clots. Therefore, those who suffers from hemophilia should first speak with their physician and take the blood clotting test to determine if they’re qualified for hair Simulation in Turkey. 

Are you a suitable candidate for a hair simulation operation?

 The most effective way to determine is to book a complimentary first consultation with Soracamed in Turkey for an appropriate guideline. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Simulation

Is hair simulation in Turkey a painful procedure? 

Before the hair simulation process in Turkey, the scalp is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams specially produced for this job. However, depending on the sensitivity of the person’s scalp, some pain may be felt. 

Can hair transplant be done again after hair simulation in Turkey? 

Yes, hair simulation is not an obstacle to hair transplantation. In addition, the hair simulation process does not cause shedding in the transplanted hair. 

Can I take a bath on the same day after the hair simulation in Turkey procedure? 

There is no harm in taking a bath with warm water. 

What kind of problems can a person who has done hair simulation in Turkey experience after the procedure? 

A slight swelling may occur on your scalp for the first 1-2 days after hair simulation in Turkey. In 1 week, crusting and shedding may occur at the application sites. These shells should definitely not be removed. It is inconvenient to stay under the direct sun or enter the solarium for 4 weeks after the application. If you are going to be under the sun, it is recommended to wear a hat. 

Can I still take coffee after hair simulation in Turkey? 

Coffee drinking is not allowed on the day of hair simulation in Turkey. Coffee is already allowed the following day. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided for at least ten days after the procedure, as both increase the blood circulation and delay the healing of the wound. 

Can Hair Simulation in Turkey be an alternative to Hair Transplant 

Hair simulation in Turkey is entirely based on camouflage. Therefore, this method support hair transplant rather than being an alternative 

Why Should I Chose Soraca Med In Turkey For My Hair Simulation In Turkey? 

Soracamed in Turkey is one of the top clinics for plastic and cosmetic surgery. We have the top surgical specialists in Turkey who take care of patients in our clinics at Istanbul in Istanbul and Antalya. We also have the modern technology used by our surgeons to provide you with the most effective results from your hair simulation in Turkey. We at Soraca Med in Turkey, we’ll ensure that your stay in Turkey memorable by taking you to the most popular destinations in Turkey after you have completed your hair simulation. Book the appointment of Soracamed in Turkey today and you’ll be satisfied after the event. 

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