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Unshaven hair transplant  is now a source of happiness for many females and males. There was a myth. If you received an operation to remove your hair, you needed to cut your hair. For most people, shaving their hair can cause a lot of problems.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to cut your hair to reduce it for reasons of aesthetics or if you wish to keep the hair transplant secret. If these aspects are considered, those suffering from hair loss quit on the thought of undergoing an operation to transplant their hair.

With a hair transplant without a shaving procedure, those without lost hair can have a successful, unshaven hair transplant using DHI and Fue.

Soraca Med offers a secure and effective hair transplant that is not shaved for people who aren’t willing to share details about hair transplants and are in love with their long hair.

If you’re considering an un-shaved hair transplant procedure, the most important aspect is whether the operation is done professionally and efficiently. Therefore, the success of a non-shaved hair transplant depends on your physician’s expertise.

A hair transplant is an art of art that requires the highest level of precision and care. An unshaved hair transplant is much more difficult than the standard one and demands more attention and skill.

Can Everyone Have Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Both genders can benefit from hair transplants. Both genders are eligible. Hair transplants that are not shaved have become more popular as most people opt to keep the procedure secret or not shave their existing hairline.

In addition, because it’s more difficult for females to have completely shaved hair, an unshaven hair transplant is a more sought-after option for women.

unshaved Hair transplantation contrary is not suitable for all. If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, you’ll not be able to go through a hair transplant without shaving. A severe hair loss requires an even greater number of transplants than regular.

So, unshaved hair transplant may not be beneficial if a patient suffers from intense hair loss. Examining your hair to determine if an un-shaved hair transplant is the right choice for you is advisable.

The ideal person for a transplant is someone who has a mild loss of hair. Because hair transplants without shaving can onlyare be performed with a tiny number of grafts, it is not a viable option for patients suffering from excessive loss of hair.

A hair transplant that is not shaved is the most appropriate procedure option to undergo the procedure if the patient suffers from hairline receding or temple loss.

Operation of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE and DHI hair transplants are the choice for both women and men and are remarkably like the conventional FUE procedure. It is the only distinction being that that patients don’t have to cut or remove their hair. You can cover your donor and recipient areas, and nobody will discover you’ve received a hair transplant.

The rest of the process is the same. The procedure will begin by looking at your donor site and planning the procedure as usual. Once your doctor is satisfied with the plan, he will apply anaesthesia to the donor area to remove hair follicles.

Unshaven hair transplants are a 100% effective procedure for people seeking hair-related treatment. While the unshaven FUE and DHI hair transplant procedure is comparable to conventional FUE hair transplantation, it requires more effort due to its difficulty in removing and incising hair follicles. However, the patient’s hair isn’t cut.

With a greater need for attention and care and care, the success of an unshaven procedure is contingent on your doctor’s expertise and expertise. Soraca Med follows the latest technologies and innovations to offer its clients the highest quality results for hair transplants. It is among Turkey’s most sophisticated clinics that perform unshaved FUE and DHI hair transplants.

Soraca Med helps you to shed hair, while ensuring an efficient and smooth procedure. So, our clinic has seen numerous patients across the globe. More than 500 patients have received natural-looking hair transplants thus far.

2 Types of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

If a patient is suffering from excessive hair loss, it is not a suitable candidate for a complete shave procedure. In the end, many treatment options depend on the degree of hair loss.

1- Shaven Donor, Unshaven Recipient

If the recipient area is bald completely, the donation areas will be cut.

2- Limited Shaven Donor

A couple of short hair strands are shaved within the area of donation. Limited-shaven donors help patients to cover the donor area. But, the amount of hair follicles (grafts) that can be extracted is restricted.

Pros of Unshaven Hair Transplant

no need to cut your hair, which is the most effective aspect of this procedure for most patients. Hair transplants that are not shaved are vital when you don’t feel at ease with your hair being short and also the scars from the procedure!

Unshaven FUE&DHI hair transplants will provide hair that is as natural looking as a regular FUE&DHI.

The patient will not develop visible marks after hair transplants that are not shaved.

The healing process that the person is likely to be completed in a brief duration following the unshaven hair transplant. This means you do not have to take a lengthy break and remain on your own for long periods. Hair transplants without shaving do not disrupt your social schedule.

Cons of Unshaven Hair Transplant

The result of a shaven hair transplant is contingent on your doctor. Therefore, the patient must be confident about the doctor.

Hair transplants that are not shaved take longer than normal FUE&DHI transplants. The amount of hair grafts determines the length of the procedure..

Unshaven hair transplants are unsuitable for patients with severe hair loss as they’ll need more transplants.

The growth of bacteria can result from hair that is not shaved, and germs and bacteria could damage hair roots.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

Recently, Turkey has been home to visitors from all over the world who come to our country for the most effective hair transplant procedure. The loss of hair, which is a problem for women and men alike for various reasons, is now possible to treat thanks to advances in medical technology.

Soracamed in Antalya and Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the most well-known clinics equipped with the latest technology and a committed team. If you’re looking for the ideal option to undergo a hair transplant that is not shaved in Turkey, You’ve come to the right website.

Unshaven hair transplants in Turkey are among the top popular captions on the web. Our clinic has been successful in unshaven FUE and DHI hair transplants, like other FUE & DHI methods. You can follow us on Instagram to learn more about our facility and to see the successes of SoracaMedClinic!

Hair transplant results from unshaved  FUE&DHI

So, when should you expect to experience the results after an unshaven FUE&DHI transplant? Here’s a rough timetable for hair transplants:

Firsth Month: In the initial month after your Unshaven hair transplant healing process, the healing will occur, and you should adhere to the instructions for the aftercare you will receive. The redness and swelling you might have experienced during the first few days should diminish, and when compared to the normal shaved Hair transplant using FUE&DHI, it should have less visible scabs that irritate. Any shed hair that you observe is an aspect of the hair-growing cycle. Your new hair is growing inside the hair follicles.

Second Month: Your transplanted hair may be resting before the hairs that were previously there are shed, and new hairs develop to replace them. Because of this, there may not be any more hair that is thicker in the area of transplantation.

Third Month: By now, your healing process has been taken care of completely, and your hair will continue to grow slowly. Keep in mind that an Unshaven hair transplant is growing the same way as a normal shaved FUE&DHI, so there’s little that you can do to increase the growth rate apart from taking medications such as Minoxidil.

Fourth Month: It is possible to notice an increase in thickness around the area of your recipient, the area where your new hair was implanted; however, since these hairs are usually “wispy” in appearance, there is a chance that a noticeable difference will not be evident until later.

In the months between 5 and 12During the time, the hair transplant will continue to expand. After about a year following your procedure, you’ll be able to observe the full effects of the Unshaven hair transplant.

Cost of  unshaved hair transplants

unshaved Hair transplants tend to be more expensive because it is delicate and labor demanding. If you’re worried about having your hair cut to allow for a hair transplant, this could be your ideal choice.

The cost of a Unshaven hair transplant can be set per session or ‘per area’. You will pay between €1500 to 2.500 for a single surgery session.

Unshaven Hair Transplant FAQs

Can I resume work as soon as I have finished the procedure?

Most patients can resume normal routines, such as work, within a week or two after their procedure.

When will I be able to see my final result?

The regrowth of hair usually begins in a matter of months, and the full effect is evident after 8-12 months.

Does the transplanted hair be shed after a certain period?

The hair transplanted might be shed initially, but this is not a problem. Hair growth will continue to grow and provide long-lasting outcomes.

Is Unshaven Hair Transplant a good option for people who have experienced hair loss that is severe?

Hair transplants that are not shaved can benefit those with varying levels of hair loss, including advanced stages.

But we will be able to decide upon physical analysis.

Do I have to wear a hat or a cap following the procedure?

It is generally advised to stay clear of wearing a hat with a tight fit or cap for the initial few weeks following the procedure to allow adequate healing.

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