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The procedure of hair transplantation is more popular with males than females, however it’s also a typical procedure for women. Hair loss is a more frequent around  females issue than we imagine. It can even trigger mental issues for females. The loss of hair or the thinning of it is a problem that  women can tackle with ease today by using different techniques in the field of cosmetics.

There are numerous treatment options for women suffering from hair loss like lotions, serums, and laser treatments for hair, to encourage hair growth. However, based on the kind that hair is losing and also the cause for the loss of hair, some treatments won’t yield the desired results.

Hair transplant is a solution when loss treatments such as lotions and serums do not work. At Soraca Med We use the most researched and efficient techniques for female hair transplantation and our experts perform these procedures.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey?

There will be a significant visual difference in your hair, because each follicle will be focused and beautiful and you’ll have a younger appearance as well as a higher confidence in your business and social life.

Knowing your needs, Soraca Med in Turkey will offer you the most appropriate treatment that is minimally invasive and fairly painless, and totally safe

Soraca Med in Turkey uses the most advanced techniques and technology that can aid you in getting new growth similar to your hair of the past.

The procedure will be performed under the presence of local anaesthesia. This ensures the procedure is safe. Soraca Med’s medical staff or experts will ensure that the treatment won’t result in any serious complications.

Why Would Women Face Hair Loss

There could be a variety of reasons to female-specific hair loss. These causes differ from one person to the next, as genetic and environmental factors function different for each individual. The reasons for this are like this:

Hormonal changes in hormones. Particularly during pregnancy, following birth, and during menopausal.

Hair loss due to stress.

Certain treatments and medications the patient has had can cause hair loss

The excessive loss of blood during menstruation

Male or female pattern baldness that is common in families.



What Is Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Procedure?

Women’s hair transplants in Turkey methods for women are distinct and can differ from methods for hair transplants for men, and could differ between women and men in regards to the method by which follicles are removed from donor sites. There are two kinds of procedures that are available for hair transplants for women in Turkey which include :

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Hair restoration specialists from SoracaMed in Turkey employ Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to individually remove hair follicles. In this procedure, an incision of a circular shape is cut through the skin to access the upper portion of the follicle, from the head’s back.

Direct hair implantation (DHI)

Direct hair implantation (DHI) using hair transplant on women  is the process of implanting hair follicles, one at a time directly into the hair loss region. Each hair follicle implanted is placed in an exact direction in depth, angle, and angle by using the DHI material  (DHI implanter) which gives an authentic result and the best coverage. Utilizing a dhi implanter reduces the making of slits or holes in the area of the recipient.

The doctor you see in Soraca Med located in Turkey will determine the areas of your recipient and donor and create the best plan for you to create the most natural looking hairline, with an appropriate donor area.

Women Hair Transplant Candidates

Patients who have excessive hair loss or loss that is severe and inherited hair loss.

If you have a large and adequate donor area.

People who have overall health.

The ones who do not suffer from skin conditions which hinder hair transplantation like eczema, Alopecia, etc.

People who don’t suffer from hormonal triggers that are active and cause issues with them because treatment is essential prior to having to consider transplantation.

People who fall within the age range that is suitable for hair transplantation, ranging from between 25 and 60 years old

Is Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Permanent?

Hair transplants for women in Turkey is a secure and healthy option which is guaranteed for the duration of. Thanks to the specific tissue procedure we’ve used hair transplants that are maintained at %99 success.

How Much Does Hair Transplant For Women Cost In Turkey ?

With all the technological advances expertise, experience, and quality the Turkish clinics provide the majority of people are shocked by how inexpensive procedures for hair transplants are in Turkey, particularly when compared with other western countries like the UK as well as all across Europe and the US which could cost up to $20,000. In Turkey costs start at only 1,500 to 3000 euros.

Why Is Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Cheap?

Turkey is the world’s most well-known nation for all types of plastic surgery. Additionally, it is simpler to obtain hair transplants on women’s  in Turkey and at a less expensive price. Because:

One of the major aspects that contribute to a lower price, Turkey supports the domestic production of any product or products, over imports. As consequently, it removes logistical, shipping and customs expenses in the final pricing phase. This is the same reason for the low cost of health care and the cost of surgery in Turkey.

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom and Europe the average salary plays an integral role in what is called low cost here in Turkey. It’s not just income however, costs of living can be higher.

This is the reason why a hair transplant procedure for women is less expensive in Turkey. It’s all about knowing the way in which the world works. The cheap prices are all to do with economics and nothing to do”quality”.

Can Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Fail?

Although the most reputable hair transplant centers have an average success rate of over %95, the chance of failure with the process of having a hair transplant performed for women in Turkey isn’t zero. It is important to know that the chance of failure increases when the surgeon is not experienced or qualified. medical team conducts the procedure and this is the reason you should get your hair transplant procedure to women from Turkey done by a reputable surgical specialist in Soraca Med in Turkey or an expert surgeon. 

Why you should  Choose Turkey for Your Hair Transplanat  Journey?

Turkiye is a standout in hair restoration because of its combination of cutting-edge medical procedures skilled surgeons, skilled doctors, and the ability to afford. Turkiye’s commitment to quality health care, specifically in hair transplantation, draws people worldwide, providing a combination of top-quality medical expertise as well as an opportunity to recuperate in a culture-rich environment.

  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Advanced Hair RestorationTechniques
  • Affordable Treatment Options
  • State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities
  • High Success Rates
  • Comprehensive Patient Care
  • Minimal Recovery Time
  • Cultural and Scenic Beauty
  • Easy Accessibility for International Patients

What Is The Recovery Of Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Like?

Complete recovery after hair transplant procedure for women in Turkey procedure is between two and one-half up to 4 months. The most crucial period is the first 15 days. The area treated must not be affected for the first 10 days. This includes showers. For the first 2 weeks of the period, athletic activities are forbidden. Furthermore, you cannot participate in activities like sauna, spa or solarium are not permitted. Any supplement or blood thinner medication is considered to be dangerous during this procedure. It is advised to wear clothing with buttons or zippers to prevent contact with the affected area. After two weeks, you are able to only cut the hair with scissors. After 45 weeks, all types of hair treatments are able to be applied. To ensure a successful procedure in four months, your hair will be growing normal as it begins to recover.

How Is Female Hair Loss Different To Male Hair Loss?

The loss of female pattern hair is manifested in a completely different way in comparison to male pattern loss. Men typically start to suffer with receding hairlines and hair loss at the crown, women are more likely to lose hair around the mid-parting.

In a gradual process the thinning of hair in the mid-paring can become evident over time and eventually require the procedure of a hair transplant to disguise these signs. It’s not unusual for women to notice their hairline receding downwards as they age.

While the goal of male hair transplants to combat pattern baldness is to restore lines of the hair and cover the receding areas However, the primary goal of  hair-transplants for women is to  strengthen the hair at the top of the head.

What Is The Hair Transplant For Women In Turkey Success Rates?

If you compare it to non-prescription products for hair restoration, transplants are more effective in fighting hair loss. When you undergo hair transplants, you are likely to get results in three or four months after surgery, with 10 % to 80 percent of the hair transplanted begins to develop. The highest quality treatment makes Turkey an extremely popular destination for hair transplants. Patients from different european and middle east countries go to Turkey in order to get an operation to transplant their hair.  Turkey rate of success is mostly dependent on the experience of the medical team at Soraca Med which is located in Turkey. If it is done by a medical staff with extensive expertise in Soraca Med in Turkey, the rate of success is 98 percent. This means that two out of every 100 hair transplants on women’s heads in Turkey might be unsuccessful. It’s a very good rate of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplants for women  in Turkey painful?

Hair transplants for women, in Turkey is painless since it’s performed with local anesthesia, or sedated. Soraca Med  located in Turkey increases patient comfort through the use of needle-free anesthesia prior the local anesthesia to facilitate the painless procedure of local anesthesia.

What is the rate of success for hair transplants for women from Turkey?

The overall rate of success of hair transplants for women who undergo Turkey procedures is between 90 and 95 percent. According to Soraca Med is located in Turkey has a high success rate, our success rate of hair transplants on women’s heads in Turkey is higher than 95% .

Who can perform hair transplant for woman in Turkey?

Hair transplants for women in Turkey procedures is only possible with the guidance of a physician. Because hair transplants to women Turkey is a lengthy procedure which includes a variety of phases like anesthesia the preparation for implantation, opening of channels the channel, implantation, and so on. The doctor continuously examines the technicians performing hair transplants and takes part in the procedures in case it is required.

Do hair transplants on women in  Turkey appear natural?

The hair transplant procedure on women’s heads in Turkey is a process that is using the hair follicles of one’s own naturally, the natural result is evident following the successful surgery. However, unnatural results could result from the method of implementation, lack of planning, and lack of expertise regarding the procedures. For a natural-looking appearance it is essential to follow all the steps like creating the hair’s front line properly and selecting the best procedure based on frequency requirements.

What is the price for an male hair transplant for women for in the UK?

A female hair transplant could cost between 4000  £ – 7000+ £  This depends on the degree of hair loss, as the expense is directly proportional to the amount of hair follicles taken out and transplanted

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