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Arm Lift Surgery, also known as brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your upper arms by eliminating extra skin or fat. The procedure is carried out at Turkey through Soraca Med, where the remaining skin is moved to create a youthful and toned look. As we age or go through changes of weight gain, their skin on their upper arms may become too saggy and unattractive. This is the reason the reason why armlift surgery Turkey is now among the top well-known cosmetic procedures that allows people to attain the best results at a low cost. Make contact with Soraca Med today to schedule your arm lift procedure and attain the youthful and toned appearance you’ve always wanted.

The typical cost of the armlift procedure in Turkey is between 2500-3500 EUR this is considered to be a low-cost alternative to surgery abroad.  Our clinic  also offer Hotel and transportation in part of a package.

At Soraca Med in Turkey, you can learn about arms lift surgeries in Istanbul as well as Antalya, Turkey, brachioplasty prices, our patients’ reviews, before and after pictures from the top doctors and packages that are all-inclusive for the mini arm lift or a full arm lift as well as extended arm lift procedures.

Our all-inclusive arm lift surgery Turkey plan includes transport, a 5-star hotel translators, post-op follow up including all medications and preoperative tests. Soraca Med located in Turkey is definitely the best option for arm lift surgery in  Turkey.

What Is Arm Lift Surgery In Turkey?

An arm lift in Turkey is an operation that eliminates unwanted excess body fat and wrinkled skin in the arm region in order to restore the firmness of the arm. The excess skin removes from your arm through cut-outs on the underarms or inside the elbows. In addition, weight is removed via the use of liposuction or cuts when there is a need for. Aesthetic sutures are placed at the site of the cut to provide them with the most natural look and feel possible.

Based on the method to be followed and the condition of the region Arm lift surgeries could take between one and three hours. Many people opt for arm lift procedure in Turkey due to the fact that they are unhappy with the way their arm skin appears loose and drags. This is evident especially when wearing the sleeveless garments. If both arms are spread and drooping at the bottom of the arm as if bat wings occurs. To alleviate this problem, this kind of surgery is appropriate.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed in Turkey?

When the arm is stretched the brachioplasty type is first identified and the lines for incisions are drawn according to the procedure. Following all the necessary test, including blood tests, and consultation the patient is placed general anesthesia.

Arm Lift Surgery, In the course of the procedure the surgeon will begin with the incision process and starts to remove any excess of the skin as well as fat. However, in instances when the skin is sagging too much, liposuction could be carried out during surgery, if needed. At the end of the procedure, to give the arm an attractive and tight appearance the incisions that have been made are sutured one-by-one with attention to detail. After that, the dressing is placed on the arm.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Arm Lift Surgery In Turkey?

A arm lift surgery in Turkey could aid you in displaying your arms’ uppers in case they’re hanging down. Some people can achieve slimmer, more refined lines that are suited to their body after having this kind of body shaping surgery that is successful. Patients who are candidates for arm lifts generally include:

Patients who experience flabby skin on the arms or a rise in fat which is irritating and causes them to shed it.

The ones who do not intend to shed or gain weight in the near future in order to not impact the outcomes of the operation.

People who have bat-like abnormalities in the arms.

People who are older suffer from wrinkled the skin of their arms because of the aging process.

Things to Consider Before Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

The arm Lift Surgery in Turkey may require different procedures, so there are a few things you need to be aware. The representative for  patient will provide you with pre-operative instructions prior to your arrival.

Before you undergo the arm lift operation in Turkey You should consider these factors:

It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes before the procedure. It is essential to be comfortable before as well as after the

Do not wear jewelry, sunscreen, makeup or cosmetic creams. Also, avoid piercings and cosmetics.

It is recommended to stop the use of birth control tablets due to the possibility for blood clots.

Stop smoking for at least two weeks prior to when you travel to Turkey.

Types Of Arm Lift Surgery In Turkey

Full arm lift surgery

The arm lift surgery Turkey procedure is carried out through an incision surgically made across the entire area from between the armpit and the elbow, after that the skin will be pulled out and stretched, and then the liposuction of excess fat to give a particular and uniform form. The wound then is sealed.

Mini arm lift surgery

A mini arm lift (mini brachioplasty), which is called a minor arm lift procedure in Turkey is ideally suitable for those who don’t have excess fat and skin in their arms. The surgeon will create one incision that is crescent-shaped under the armpit. It could also be extended in an arm t-line as part of this procedure.

Extended arm lift surgery

An extended arm lift surgery in Turkey is the same as an ordinary arm lift however, the incision extends from the arm downwards into the body in order to include the loose skin and fat tissue that could be located just below the arm region to the the chest. The loose skin that appears in the area is typical in patients who have shed a lot of weight.

Why You Should Have Your Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

In recent times, Turkey has become something of a global hotspot for cosmetic surgery. There are many great reasons why a lot of patients are traveling to Turkey each year in hundreds to undergo cosmetic procedures like arm lift surgery. The main reasons are:

The cosmetic surgery offered in Turkey is much less expensive when compared to other countries.

Turkey has strict guidelines on medical treatment that all clinics must comply with

The country is home to a large variety of medical facilities that are accredited internationally

There are a variety of expert and highly trained specialist surgeons who carry out hundreds of surgeries across the nation every day.

Aftercare care continues after you’ve left Turkey and returned home

SoracaMed Clinic we  are providing patients the best international treatment and hospitality available in the world.

The entire industry is constantly striving to improve itself

Numerous Cosmetic surgeries that are successful are performed every year

Arm lift surgery  much more affordable when compared to other countries

Perhaps the most compelling reason over all other reasons why many patients travel to Turkey every year to undergo cosmetic procedures is the massive savings they can make. In contrast to having surgery for an upper arm lift surgery in the UK which could mean paying anywhere from of £ 4000-8000 plus the cost of consultation and aftercare for your arm lift, should you chose to go to Turkey to undergo your procedure, you’d be paying approximately €2500-3500 for an all-inclusive plan. All-inclusive deals are accessible  and usually include accommodation, transfer, and any extra consultation and post-operative treatment expenses, while offering the same level of quality, expertise and attention you’d expect.

There are many reasons for why there is the huge price disparity that have absolutely nothing to do with inferior quality or poor standards. In the UK like other countries, there’s more of a need for greater profits to pay for costs, including an increase in the cost of labor and medication, for instance. Furthermore the Turkish government offers incentives to the cosmetic industry to help further boost the growing popularity of cosmetic tourism Turkey has seen in recent years. Furthermore, it is the case that exchange rates between Turkish Lira and the British Pound leans heavily in our favor, which aids in bringing prices down.

How Much Does An Arm Lift Surgery Cost In Turkey?

In Turkey the cheapest cost for an arm lift surgery that clinics offer is $2200, whereas the most expensive price is $4500. The price of arm lift procedure in Turkey is dependent on a variety of variables and can vary between clinics dependent on the experience of the doctor and the method employed. When comparing these costs with other clinics and countries that provide this type of surgery it is simple to notice the distinction Turkey can offer with its international expertise and medical facilities in addition to surgical packages that offer many additional services that go along with the procedure, such as airport transfers, translation and much other.

What are the Advantages of Arm Lifting in Turkey?

The arm lift surgery procedure performed in Turkey is extremely beneficial. Turkey is a country that is famous for its top-quality treatment that are highly rated, and with highly skilled top surgeons working with the most advanced technology available that will provide you with the highest quality medical care that you can’t find from other nations. After a lifting procedure for your arm your upper body will appear less slender, which can provide you with a boost in confidence. It is easier to feel comfortable wearing sleeveless tops, shirts and even bathing suits. You’ll see the effects of the procedure right away so you can be able to see the value of your investment. The procedure performed in Turkey is a good option because Our surgeons are well known well-trained, and popular and the operating costs are less expensive as compared to US, UK, and Europe.

Risks And Complications Of Arm Lift Surgery In Turkey

An arm lift surgery procedure in Turkey can be risky that include:

Scarring. Scars left by an arm lift last for a long time However, they’re usually located within areas which aren’t apparent. Sometimes, incisions cause red, raised scars. Corticosteroid injections or other treatments could be utilized to smooth appearance and look of wounds.

An unnatural shape in your arms. It could be a result of changes in recovery. Additionally, although surgeons in Soraca Med in Turkey will attempt create your arm appear as symmetrical as they can but it’s not possible to achieve perfect symmetry.

Skin sensation changes. When you lift your arm and shifting of the tissues in your arm may affect the skin sensory nerves. It is likely that you will experience slight sensation of numbness.

Issues with stitches. Stitches that are used to fix the new form of the arm may get to an area of skin and require removal. This could cause irritation of the skin affected. This means that it is possible that you will require another procedure.

Similar to any other major procedure that involves lifting the arm, it is also a risky procedure. the possibility of infection, bleeding and an adverse reaction anesthesia.

Recovery process after arm lift surgery

After your arm lift surgery The wounds are then covered by dressings and then you’re discharged using a the bandage tightly wrapped around the arm swaddled to prevent the buildup of edema.

It is advised not to lift your arms higher than your shoulders for at most 10 – 14 days. “Reaching higher puts a lot of pressure on the armpit area and can cause damage to the stitches.”

As your arms heal drains are put underneath the incision to keep any accumulation of fluid. They are removed after the time of discharge. Since self-dissolving stitches can be used your stitches will be gone within four weeks.

Bandages that wrap around your arms must be worn for up to 48 hours following surgery. Compression garments (corset) that they be worn during a minimum of three days

These restrictions could make showering difficult, however we usually suggest showering within 72 hours. It is usually difficult to wash your hair in the shower, which is why you’ll need a person to assist you wash your hair. Alternatively, you could visit the hairdresser.

Most patients are capable of returning to their regular activities in a couple of days and can resume non-strenuous activity in 10 to 14 days.

If you are working at an office job, you may return to work after one day of inactivity. It is recommended that you not drive during the first 2 weeks. It takes about four weeks for sutures to the arm to completely heal.

If your job requires intense physical work and lifting it is recommended to take at least one month to fully recover. After six weeks, you are able to take full advantage of sports and exercise.

We recommend using corsets after surgery to help in with healing and limit the risk of developing edema. It is essential not to put excessive pressure on this region as it heals.

Results Of Arm Lift Surgery In Turkey

In the event of removing loose skin, lifting your arms can provide your upper arms with more toned look.

The arm lift surgery procedure in Turkey results tend to be long-lasting. Be aware, however, that your skin naturally loses some firmness with age, and sagging may happen. A healthy, stable weight will help you maintain the results you have achieved.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Difficult in Turkey?

Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey isn’t a complicated procedure. It takes only 5 days to get your ideal arms for a reasonable price.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey Heal?

The healing process of Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey differs for each patient It usually lasts between 2 and 3 weeks, but it reaches its optimal shape after about a year.

Does arm lift surgery in Turkey leave scars?

Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey will leave a mark after the procedure, but over time, the scars will heal more, and the final scar will be small as compared to the one that was initially.

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