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When we start to notice the first signs of loss of hair, this is an important change. A lot of us have in the position of accepting what fate has received to try new hairstyles as if losing beautiful locks doesn’t mean we’re breaking our hearts. Do you realize that a ray of possibility is there for you?

With Soraca Med, we are delighted to offer our clients the most advanced PRP therapies in Turkey to treat hair loss, an effective treatment that has proven to improve growth and offer a long-lasting solution to lose hair. This treatment is safe and is available to those who are just beginning to notice indications of hair loss and loss. In case this sounds like the right method for you, continue reading to find out why you should know about PRP injections to treat hair loss in Turkey today. Remember to contact us. A staff member will be happy to help with a custom consultation and quote.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

A bit more in depth into the idea of platelet rich plasma could throw off some of us who are the most knowledgeable in a new direction, so let’s examine what it means. You should be aware that plasma is called the liquid part of your blood. It is the reason red blood cells as well as white blood cells and platelets are circulated through your entire body. Platelets, a different part are blood cells which perform process of growth related healing. They are active and have key parts in the body’s own natural healing process. That is why they play a significant role when we treat hair loss using PRP.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma In Turkey?

The plasma that is rich in platelets in Turkey is composed of two elements called plasma, also known as the liquid component in blood and platelets which is a blood type that play a major role in healing processes throughout the body. Platelets are well-known for their capacity to form clots. However, they also contain growth factors that can trigger cell proliferation and stimulate the healing of tissues, or help heal the area that is being treated. Plasma that is platelet-rich has greater amounts of platelets than the normal. In order to make platelet-rich plasma the surgeon you select for the procedure at Soraca Med takes blood samples from the patient, and then places them in a device called centrifuge. This rotates the blood sample quickly that separates other blood components from platelets, and then concentrates them into plasma.

Your PRP Treatment Options in Turkey

Once you’ve concluded that PRP therapy is the most effective option for you, you’ll be able to select a few choices. Consider getting PRP injections to treat hair loss as part of the procedure for a hair transplant surgery in Turkey. If you pair your PRP treatment with a transplant procedure, you’ll be able help boost the growth of hair after surgery with injecting PRP before of the surgery.

Another alternative is to rely solely on PRP injections to combat hair loss and utilize PRP as the only treatment. This will help reduce any signs of loss and is the reason it’s the best method for those who notice signs of alopecia early and undergoing PRP therapy to prevent prior to the symptoms onset. It can cause hair follicles to grow to areas that were decreasing, like the areas you’ll notice loss of hair.

If you’re looking for more information on our PRP treatments that are available in Turkey in the present and what they can offer your needs, do not hesitate get in touch with our specialists.

How Long Does Platelet Rich Plasma In Turkey Take?

The entire procedure that includes preparation and recovery, should take around an hour, on average. You will be able to return home the same day as the procedure.

How Long Does It Take To See Results After Platelet-Rich Plasma In Turkey?

The advantages of the rich plasma from platelets found in Turkey can take anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks before they will be apparent for the person. After that the plasma that is high in platelets can aid to heal and will last anywhere between six to nine months.

How Painful Is Platelet-Rich Plasma In Turkey?

Plasma with high levels of platelets in Turkey are a non-invasive treatment option. However, patients may experience different degrees of discomfort as a result of the severity and frequency of treatment, the type and the location of the injection. The latter will be determined by severity of the damage.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Platelet-Rich Plasma In Turkey?

Since it is minimally invasive It takes around 1 or 2 hours. You are able to return home immediately following the injection. Following the injection, your body will begin to heal quickly which will speed the process of healing.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Platelet-Rich Plasma In Turkey?

Since the injection is minimally invasive it can take only two or three hours. It is possible to return home following the injection. Following the injection, your body will begin healing rapidly and speed the process of healing.


Does PRP hair treatment hurt?

The PRP procedure involves injecting into the area affected or the hairline. Prior to the procedure is completed, the doctor applies a numbing cream to the surface of the scalp to reduce the discomfort that occurs when the treatment. The discomfort that comes with hair treatments with PRP is typically minimal and disappears within a short period of time.

What’s the reason Platelet-Rich Plasma is used in hair care?

It is a vital blood component that has a high concentration of platelets. When they are placed in hair follicles the platelets are able to increase the growth of hair. They may show visible effects in just a few months.

Are there negative negative side effects from the hair-replacement procedure PRP?

PRP therapy is thought to be safe and the chance of adverse effects is low. Patients can experience minor swelling or redness around the injection sites, however, the signs tend to disappear quickly.

Can I use PRP Hair Treatment With Other Hair Treatments?

Yes, hair treatments using PRP can be used in conjunction with various other hair treatments for instance, Botox treatments. However, consult your doctor before applying the PRP treatment to your hair in conjunction with other treatments.

What is the duration of effects of PRP hair treatments last?

The results of PRP therapy are not long-lasting. Regular maintenance sessions are crucial to maintain effectiveness over an extended period of duration

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