Afro Hair Transplant

Afro Hair Transplantation in Antalya and Istanbul differs from other hair restoration methods because of various aspects that highlight this procedure’s uniqueness.

It first is a reference to curly hair kinds. Hair follicles taken from the scalp are likely to be bigger than other types of hair because curly hair follicles cover more surface than straight ones.

This creates the illusion of more volume as the curls give a more dense hair look. Particularly designed for those with hair that is afro-textured. This transplantation technique is an original haircut, curl style, and texture that defines the hair kind.

This Afro Hair Transplant Turkey procedure differs from other hair transplants due to certain factors. They also reflect the particulars of this procedure. One of the reasons is that it’s ideal for treating curly styles. Because curly hair follicles cover an area larger than straight hair, the hair follicles that are in the hair’s scalp tend to be more than others. This allows you to create a fuller appearance because curly hair tends to be more dense. This hair transplant was specifically designed for people with Afro-textured hair. It differs in the curl patterns, density, texture, and curl patterns.

Expert Hair Profs for Afro Hair

Soraca Med can be the top option for your Afro hair transplant in Turkey for lasting and natural results. The process of getting an Afro hair transplant in Turkey is a great option for you. It’s a cost-effective choice; we’re the most effective at doing what we do. Our team comprises experts with expertise in Afro hair transplants from Turkey, and we can deliver natural, beautiful results that help you  differentiate yurselves from other practices.

We offer a wide range of hair transplant types in Turkey. We recommend exploring our full-service options to find the ideal method for your situation. Every technique is different, and we offer various fields, including the top Afro hair transplants available in Turkey. You’re inquiring today about the possibility of a hair transplant procedure for Afro hair in Turkey. We will schedule an appointment for you as quickly as possible in this situation.

Hair transplants are a great option for African American men.

Alongside the general causes of male hair loss, like male pattern baldness, which affects men of all races, male pattern baldness is typically due to the sensitivity of the hormone DHT. The hormone is more active as we age, and sensitive people can react by shrinking hair follicles.

According to research that has been conducted, traction alopecia is particular to African American, Afro-Caribbean, or black males. This is because people from these groups typically wear their hair in tightly braided designs, such as cornrows. These hairstyles can cause damage to hair follicles as time passes. The loss of hair is usually irreparable and requires a transplant. Professionals must carry out Afro-hair transplants cautiously to protect naturally curly hair of hair and prevent scarring after the procedure. To preserve curls, the angle of the implantation is vitally important. Our surgeons will ensure you receive the best surgical process to create an authentic look.

What is the cost of an Afro hair transplant in Turkey?

Afro-hair transplant costs are significantly cheaper in Turkey compared to European nations and the US due to favourable government policies. If you’re interested in having the Afro hair transplant but wish to save money, you may be interested in getting your hair transplant done in Turkey in Soraca Med. The cost for Afro hair transplants in SoracaMed from $1500 to $2,500. Contact us today to discuss your options and request a quote for your risk-free surgery.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take my hair to develop?

It can take up to 10 days for the hair follicles’ hair to grow and for capillary vessels to wrap around the new hair follicles that have been transplanted. Take good care of the area that has been transplanted to assist in the healing process by the instructions of your surgeon’s post-operative care. For Afro hair, the growth of transplanted hair could be as long as three months. The final results are evident 10 to 12 months after the procedure.

Which method of hair transplantation is more suitable for males of colour?

Deciding on the best hair transplant technique for black men can be an extremely difficult task because the details of the procedure may change according to the hair’s structure and type of person.

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