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Nipple Reduction Surgery, Your breasts’ aesthetic appeal is largely determined by your nipples, or areolae. Nipples are unique to you, just like any other part of your body. They vary in color, size and shape. You are perfectly normal to have nipples that differ in size from those of other women. The size and shape can sometimes have a negative effect on your self-esteem. At Soraca Med, is the best clinic for you if you want to reduce the size of your nipples.

What Is Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

In Turkey, nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure that can reduce the size of your nipples and change their shape. The size and shape of breasts can be improved by surgery to correct the appearance of large nipples, puffy or large areolas, and droopy or long nipples. Soraca Med’s double board-certified plastic surgery specialists are experts in cosmetic Areola Surgery. Areola surgery in Turkey reduces the size and height of the nipple while maintaining sensation. In cases where the nipple on one side is bigger than the other, some people choose to undergo nipple surgery in Turkey. The majority of patients combine nipple surgery with breast procedures like breast lifts or breast augmentations.


The nipple can be broken into two parts, the nipple itself and the areola. The nipple, or tip of the breast that protrudes out from the breast is called the nipple. The areola, the colored part surrounding the nipple, is known as the areola. The nipple is reduced through several small incisions. Tissue is removed and tissue is reduced to make the nipple smaller and more even. This enhances the appearance of the breasts or chest area in men or women.

What Are The Advantages Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

  • There are numerous benefits of nipple reduction surgery in Turkey. Some of which include:
  • Reduced puffiness in the nipple
  • Correction of asymmetries
  • Improve the appearance of nipples long and drooping
  • Create a more pleasing nipple size and shape
  • Restoring nipples damaged by breastfeeding
  • Your nipples will now have a more attractive appearance.
  • Self-esteem and confidence improved

Who Is A Good Candidate For  Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

Anyone who is unhappy with the size or shape of their areolas can opt for a nipple reduction in Turkey. This procedure is ideal if you have lost significant weight and as a consequence, your areolas are stretched. This procedure is also effective if you have changed areolas after pregnancy or nursing. People with protruding or puffy areolas would also be good candidates. Asymmetry in the areolas can be corrected by reducing one to match the other. Women should wait until their breasts have finished growing to undergo nipple surgery in Turkey. This is usually done by the late teens or early twenties. Male adolescents may be able have the procedure performed earlier.


A local anesthetic is used during your nipple-reduction procedure to ensure that you are comfortable. Doctors then makes small incisions to reshape your areola. Your nipples’ size and shape will be more balanced and attractive.

Whats The Procedure For Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey Like?

In Turkey, nipple reduction surgery is usually performed as an outpatient, under iv or general anesthesia. The procedure is only done by a board certified anesthesiologist. Your doctor at Soraca Med in Turkey will make an exact incision to the nipple for a nipple-reduction surgery. Soraca Med in Turkey performs a nipple surgery that involves an incision around the perimeter of the areaol. Your surgeon at Soraca Med in Turkey will remove excess tissue in the area surrounding the incision. The procedure usually takes about 45 minutes, unless it is combined with another coordinating procedure. In Turkey, it is common for patients who want a comprehensive makeover to combine nipple reduction and areola surgery with other procedures such as breast reduction or breast lift. Soraca Med will ensure that you receive the best nipple surgery Turkey has to provide.

The procedure of nipple reduction in Turkey can be performed as a simple day-surgery and reduce the size of either one or both areolas. The excess pigmented tissue is cut off to reveal a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing areola. If desired, the height of your nipples may also be lowered. The nipple surgery in Turkey is performed either alone or with other breast procedures such as breast augmentation or breast lift. Before considering this procedure, breast growth must be complete. This usually occurs in late teens or early twenties.

What Are The Methods Of Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

There are 2 methods that doctors use to reduce the size of the areola. They include:

Peripapillary method

This method is suitable for an areola with a diameter of 4 cm or resections of 1cm. Your doctor at Soraca Med in Turkey will use this method to cut a doughnut shaped piece of tissue from your areola and stitch it together. As the scars are formed around the nipple, they won’t be visible.

Outer areola method

Also suitable for areolas with a diameter of 4.5cm, or resections of 1 cm. This method involves cutting the outer part into a doughnut-shaped shape, and then stitching it together. Around the areola will be scars, but they are usually not noticeable.

How Much Does Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey Cost?

Costs of nipple surgery in Turkey depend on many factors, such as your geographical location. Cost is largely determined by the procedure that you choose. The cost is higher if you combine it with breast reduction or lift. The cost of a nipple-reduction surgery in Turkey varies from 1150€ up to 3500€.


After your nipple surgery, you can expect to experience some swelling, bruising and tenderness. Soraca Med can prescribe pain medications to help you feel more comfortable. Generally, dissolvable stitches will be used. After your nipple surgery, you should rest for a few days. You can resume normal activities after a week. You should avoid strenuous activity in the first few days after your procedure.

How Do You Choose A Surgeon For You Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

It is most important to choose the right surgeon for your nipple-reduction surgery in Turkey. Soraca Med’s certified plastic surgeons in Turkey are held at a higher standard. Board-certified surgeons must have completed at least six years in surgical training and at least three of those years were spent specializing exclusively in plastic surgery. Ask to see the work of any surgeon that you are considering. You can see what the surgeon is capable, and also identify the desired results. Your nipple surgery in Turkey at Soraca Med will be performed by an expert surgeon.

How Do You Prepare For Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

Once you have selected your surgeon at Soraca Med in Turkey, you will have a consultation appointment to discuss what comes next.

During the appointment, you should expect your doctor at Soraca Med in Turkey to:

  • We are going to examination of your breasts.
  • Your aesthetic concerns are important to consider.
  • Review your surgical options.
  • Ask your doctor for a complete medical history. Include a list of all current medications.

Your doctor at Soraca Med in Turkey will explain to you the procedure if he determines you are fit for surgery. Soraca Med’s doctor can show you the scarring that is to be expected. He or she will give you an impression of how your breasts may look after surgery, and ensure that your expectations are reasonable. You will receive a date of your surgery after your consultation. We will give you some advice.

This may include:

You should avoid certain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen for one week before your surgery.

Schedule time off to recover and for your procedure.

Arrange a ride from and to your procedure.

If general anesthesia is used, fasting the day before surgery is recommended.

Avoiding cosmetics and makeup on the day before surgery.

Remove all jewelry the day before surgery.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing the day of your surgery.

What Happens During The Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey Procedure?

The doctor at Soraca Med in Turkey will remove a piece of tissue in the shape of a doughnut from your areola.

The circular incision is made at the edge of the existing areola. This allows the scar to be hidden more easily.

Your surgeon will attach your new areola to your breast with a permanent stitch. This suture prevents the areola stretching.

To close the incision, your surgeon will use dissolvable or removable stitches.

Soraca Med doctors in Turkey can fit you with an extra bra after surgery or apply surgical dressings. You can go home almost instantly after a local anesthetic. Your doctor will monitor you at hospital for a day if you had general anesthesia.

What Are The Possible Risks And Complications of Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

Soraca Med in Turkey offers Nipple Reduction Surgery in Turkey. It is a very safe procedure, but it can have some side effects, such as swelling and brushing, which are easily recoverable.

What’s The Result Of Nipple Reduction Surgery In Turkey?

You may need to wait a few days before you can see the full results of your surgery. The results are often hidden by an initial period of swelling or bruising. Your breasts will eventually settle into the final position as swelling decreases. Your areolas will appear smaller and centered. A ring-shaped mark will appear around the new areola. It can take up a year for this to heal.

Your doctor will schedule a second consultation at Soraca Med in Turkey between 5 and 6 days after surgery. Your doctor will inspect your healing and, if needed, remove the stitches. Your doctor might also prescribe medications or creams to reduce the appearance of scars.

Is Areola Reduction Permanent?

Areola reduction surgery results are permanent.
Even after surgery, the areolas may grow back due to hormonal fluctuations or weight changes.
If you have lost a lot of weight, the areolas will not shrink due to the stretching of your skin.
Your areolas can appear larger if you age.
Even so, your areolas may look smaller after surgery than they would without it.

Can I still breastfeed in the future after nipple reduction surgery in Turkey?

The treatment does not affect mammary glands. Lactation can be done on the treatment nipples.

When can I shower after nipple reduction?

Inspect daily for signs and symptoms of infection. Showering can be done 48 hours following the procedure. Remove the surgical garments to shower or sponge bathe. For 4 weeks, avoid submerging the incisions in any water, including oceans, pools, baths, or hot tubs.

What are the risks of nipple reduction?

It can be a tingling or numbing sensation, or even pain around or in the nipple. After surgery, some patients feel that the nipples are more sensitive. This change is usually temporary and will settle down eventually. Rarely, however, the sensation of your nipples can be permanently lost.

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